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Advantages of offshore software development in Belarus
Advantages of offshore software development in Belarus:
The human potential of the country
Belarusian intellectual resources are well known for their IT excellence. About 20 universities and colleges annually produce several thousand young IT specialists. Rapidly growing offshore programming industry provides fertile conditions for multiple software development companies that cover a broad spectrum of development services. All this contributes to transfer and circulating of knowledge among the Belarusian developers and other IT specialists.
Low cost of development
Because of the low cost of living in Belarus and special government preferences for IT companies the cost of software development in Belarus is significantly less than in the United States and Western Europe. This fact in conjunction with highly qualified IT specialists makes the price/quality ratio of software development in Belarus very attractive.
Convenient geographic position
Belarus is the center of EuropeBelarus is a country located in the geographical center of Europe. Our timezone (GMT + 2:00) is ideally suited for work with European customers, and also allows us to adjust our business processes and schedule to partners from the U.S. Travel time from London or Berlin to Minsk by plane is about 2 hours, and from the U.S. - about 7 hours.
Government support
Support of IT industry is one of the main economic priorities of Belarus. Belarus High Technologies Park - organization providing IT companies with tax advantages and other benefits, as well as mature infrastructure for IT business in general.
Case study
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