Software for fiber optic test and measurement instrumentation

Advantages of working with OptixSoft
1.   Your success is our main priority. With a proactive approach and competitive research we not only develop code that works but we also deliver cost-effective and robust solutions that address and predict your business challenges - now and in the future.
2.   As a company that specializes in software development for fiber optics we offer years of experience specifically in this field, providing our clients with the following advantages:
deep knowledge of the industry: we are familiar with the processes, technology, equipment, common challenges and competition
broad spectrum of development capabilities: from low-level applications and embedded OS configurations to distributed three-tier client-server database-driven applications
increased reliability and performance that comes from rigorous stress testing that we apply to all our deliverables (since downtime in telecommunications is particularly costly)
solid mathematical background (such as DSP, statistics, theory of graphs, etc.).
3.   Our company employs only top notch professionals with extensive experience, the best education and work ethic for proactively solving the most critical challenges.
4.   We've already developed several off-the-shelf products and re-usable components that we can integrate in your next project. Before building from scratch, contact us to see if we already have a solution that meets your needs and will save you time and money you would otherwise spend on custom development.
5.   We offer high quality work at competitive prices. Our main software development center is located in Belarus (Eastern Europe), where the cost of development is significantly lower than in the US and UK, and is even more competitive than in Russia, Ukraine or India.
6.   We ensure that communication is seamless at all stages by keeping our clients up to date on the progress with daily or weekly reporting and providing easy ways to get in touch with us via phone, email or Skype. In addition, we offer flexible and agile development models allowing our clients to stay on top of the project and change direction easily should the business requirements change.
7.   We are passionate about what we do!
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