Software for fiber optic test and measurement instrumentation

Historically, the main focus of our company software development efforts has been in telecommunication industry, primarily in fiber optics. The core of our customer base are companies that manufacture, deploy or utilize fiber optic transmission systems and measurement equipment.
Telecommunications industry employs a variety of services and solutions. When it comes to software development, each sector in this vertical industry is approached differently as the scope, the balance between the high-level and low-level programming and application of math-level tasks varies for each sector.
Physical layer (optical fiber).
At this level we operate in measurement (metrology) sector with inherent precision and carefulness.
Measurement in fiber optic communication:
OTDR (Bellcore GR-196).
Frequency analysis and bandwidth.
Dispersions (CD, PMD) and evaluation of transmission capacity.
Optical power measurements.
IEC 60793-1-42. Chromatic dispersion:
A – Phase shift
B – Spectral group delay in the time domain
C – Differential phase shift
D – Interferometry
IEC 60793-1-22. Length measurement:
A – Delay measuring
B – Backscattering
C – Fibre elongation
D – Mechanical length
E – Phase shift
At this level, in addition to modules for analysis and data processing, a large volume of work is dedicated to hardware and device support. We develop:
GUI for all kinds of devices, from mobile (managed by embedded OS) to desktop;
desktop applications that can remotely control various devices;
measuring instruments equipped with special (mobile) operating system and configured for specific needs of field measurements.
Data transmission protocols layer.
This layer covers a very broad area, where a variety of protocol analyzers are available. These analyzers help users track transmission errors and/or predict the quality prior to the deployment of the equipment, allowing to select the optimal equipment configuration.
Our experience includes the following standards in fiber optic communication:
Our efforts are based on our knowledge of the major fiber optic data transmission formats and factors affecting the transmission quality. We implement high-quality algorithms for data processing, factor analysis and validation metrics.
Network layer.
This layer is the most extensive and the most relevant when it comes to today's industry demands. Our efforts related to support and development within this layer include network documentation and optimization, monitoring system integrity and data transmission security. We have real live experience in all these aspects. Through the process of working on these issues (especially the ones related to active fiber monitoring) over the years we have overcome multiple challenges and accumulated unique experience.
Fiber optic networking (PON, FTTX).
Monitoring of fiber optic communication line and transmission system.
Components layer.
Due to our extensive physical-mathematical background, we are able to build software models of active and passive optical components. Such modeling is widely used in electronics. There are different software models and software tools for the simulation of electrical circuits and large variety of components. In fiber optics this aspect is progressing rapidly, but for various reasons is still not widely distributed. Our company is here to take this technology to a new level and optimize it for your business needs, whether through an upgrade of your existing system or by building a new one.
Simulation and modeling can be applied at the component layer, and at all other layers described above.
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