Software for fiber optic test and measurement instrumentation

Working with customer
The main goal is to handle an existing challenge together. Thats why we are quite flexible in our methods of work and can adjust to any customer.
The software development process in our company usually consists of the following steps:
Initial stage
The cooperation may be initialized by any input information from the customer: a skype call, a phone call or a message sent through the form on our website.
Then our manager prepares and sends the customer a document, containing our views on the problem and preliminary estimates on its solution.
The customer gets acquainted with our offer and decides to cooperate with us (or refuse).
Planning stage
Business analyst in conjunction with the project manager and the customer prepare a list of requirements for the future software. Project documentation such as project plan, the test plan of the project, the list of project risks, get elaborated, as well as (if necessary) architectural design.
Development stage
Development is the most time costly stage at which the required software is actually developed. This stage contains most of coding, testing and developing.
Versions of the product are created by iterations and the customer receives all the actual information about the development process to take the necessary decisions in time.
Our team distributes software to customers environment and carries out acceptance testing. Then we transfer all development products (as code and documentation) to the customer. We get the approval of the customer and the project passes to support stage.
Case study
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