Software for fiber optic test and measurement instrumentation

Our skill set
Our developers are equipped with top notch professional education received in the country's leading universities, and years of real life experience gained while working in software development field. .
Deep knowledge of C++ programming language allows us to use this powerful language correctly and appropriately for writing effective, portable applications that do not require large computer facilities, availability of a virtual machine or other additional components. Most applications we built are developed with cross-platform portability and modularity in mind so that they can be easily adapted for different operating systems such as Windows, Windows CE, Unix, Linux and Embedded Linux.
Knowledge of STL standard template library, as well as popular among professionals Boost libraries, allows us to develop effective solutions for different platforms by focusing on the core task instead of reinventing the wheel.
We use MFC, ATL and VCL libraries in conjunction with Windows API for rapid, yet advanced, Windows application development.
Knowledge of UNIX-like systems theory, particularly POSIX standard, allows us to develop software for such systems, including different GNU/Linux distributives.
Other technologies which we've been successfully using include Sockets, COM, SQL, WDM, etc.
In addition to application development our engineers have extensive experience in configuring and porting embedded OSes (Windows CE, Embedded Linux) for a variety of platforms. To complete such tasks it is often necessary to expand the standard design packages with the additional drivers that we develop.
Also our professionals have a good understanding of the low-level hardware processes and experience in creating firmware for a considerable number of different controllers and DSP using C and assembler languages.
The use of modern project management, planning and automation tools, and unit testing along with the study and adaptation of the rules, approaches and techniques in software development field is key to releasing complete, high-quality and effective products.
Brief list of primary technologies that we use:
C++, C, MFC, ATL, COM, STL, Sockets, Boost Libraries, QT, VCL, Unix, Windows, Windows API, Windows CE, Embedded Linux, SQL;
Platform Builder, MS Visual Studio, Borland Developer Studio, Embedded Visual Studio;
Visual DSP, AVR Studio;
Analog Device (DSP), Altera (MAX), Silicon Laboratories (Cygnal Controllers), Atmel (Atmega).
Case study
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