Software for fiber optic test and measurement instrumentation

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SOR Shell Extension
This Windows Shell extension allows you to view and edit Bellcore GR-196/SR-4731 SOR-files in Windows Explorer and other file system management programs.
System requirements: Windows XP; Windows Vista; Windows 7; 32-bit and 64-bit
[+]Last version: 2.2.1536.0
Smart Reflect (PDA)
This software allows you to work with OTDR traces (*.sor extension) in your Mobile Device. It has full functionality of Desktop analogues:
  • Events Table Auto Generate Function
  • LSA measuring methods
  • Opens several traces at a time to compare
  • Intuitive interface
  • Samples included
Now you can analyze any trace in a minute! SmartReflect allows you to make a decision right now, to have important samples in your pocket.
To install Program using Setup file you need ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center (Vista users) to be installed.
To install Program using .CAB file simply copy it to your Mobile Device and run.
System requirements: Pocket PC 2003, Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6
[+]Last version: 8.3

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