Software for fiber optic test and measurement instrumentation

LabVIEW driver development
Customer: Metrology laboratory specializes in the verification of measurement instrumentation, control parameters of networks and telecommunication systems.
Task: The objective was to develop LabVIEW drivers for optical tester and OTDR. Provide full I/O specification.
Solution: Initially, we developed command specification on the basis of OTDR and tester management protocol. Based on this command specification we developed functionally complete LabVIEW virtual tool (VI). The interface connection between PC and measurement instrumentation should provide high data transmission speed - so we used USB 2.0.
Features and benefits:
High usability level of measuring equipment for users of varying skill levels in LabVIEW (not just programmers, but engineers).
Platform independent LabVIEW allows to use driver for various operating systems.
Opportunity to develop its own graphical user interface based on LabVIEW drivers.
Opportunity to integrate measurement instrumentation into the complex measurement systems through LabVIEW drivers.
Technologies: LabVIEW
Programming languages: C++, G
Project management tools: CVS
Case study
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