Software for fiber optic test and measurement instrumentation

Measuring Windows CE mobile platform development
Customer: Institute of Information Technologies, manufacturer of test and measurement equipment for fiber optic communication lines.
Task: The objective was to develop mobile test and measurement platform work under the Windows CE operating system. Platform should work with different measurement modules provided by customer. Software should provide the following modules on the platform: optical reflectometer, fiber chromatic dispersion measurer, optical tester, optical spectrograph.
Intel PXA family solution was chosen as a processor module.
Since the low-level software (BSP, device drivers) provided by circuit board producers could not meet the needs of the mobile platform, we have finalized it.
We have developed software components for data exchange between the customer test and measurement modules and platform.
We have developed graphical user interfaces for optical reflectometer, fiber chromatic dispersion measurer, optical tester and optical spectrograph.
We have developed Windows desktop application for platform remote control. This application allows remotely manage modules, conduct measurements and receive the results, process test and measurement data.
Technologies: WinCE
Programming languages: C++, C
Project management tools: CVS
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