Software for fiber optic test and measurement instrumentation

Remote Fiber Testing System
Customer: Institute of Information Technologies, manufacturer of test and measurement equipment for fiber optic communication lines.
Task: The objective was to develop remote fiber testing system. The system should monitor the physical characteristics of fiber optic communication lines. The system should use OTDRs of customer's own production as sensors. The existence of large competitors of our customer imposes on monitoring system additional restrictions. The system should have reasonable price in the market EMEA in mid-lower price ranges.
Solution: Optixsoft’s specialists was developed and implemented expanded three-tier remote fiber testing system architecture:
Data tier. Open source MySQL solution was chosen as a database server. It fully meets the anticipated loads.
Logic tier. We took into account that the source of data in the system will be OTDR. For the distribution of information flows customer has developed special modules - remote testing units (RTU), consisting of OTDR, embedded computer and optical switch. Thus, the business logic tier has been divided into 2 parts - server and modular. We developed software application server for system control center and special embedded software for RTU, it produces the data processing and redirects it to the application server.
Presentation tier. We have developed Windows GUI application for system management with integrated GIS. Application allows: to create and manage fiber optic communication line topology graph, configure and manage fiber optic communication line testing parameters, view measurements statistics and system events statistics, to receive system alarms on accidents at fiber optic communication line, print reports on the system events and accidents on the lines.
Technologies: MySQL, TCP/IP, GIS
Programming languages: C++
Project management tools: MSProject, CVS
Efforts: 18 man-months (for first release)
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