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Universal OTDR management service
Customer: Companies from fiber optics measurements industry.
Task: The objective was to develop a software module which allows locally or remotely manage OTDR through a universal interface. Management interface should support manual and automatic application, simultaneous work with several OTDRs (Optical Time Domain Reflectometers), multiple clients with different levels of access.
Solution: Platform independent transaction language TL1 was chosen as a logical basis for the developing of management protocol. TCP is used as a data transmission tier. Software module was implemented in the form of service (under the operating system MS Windows) or as a daemon (under the UNIX-like operating systems). It implements functionality of TL1-server. Some special low-level libraries are used for OTDR managing.
Features and benefits:
Platform independent. When writing module, we used the API of its own design. This has allowed us to reduce cost of porting module to the operating systems Windows, Linux and Embedded Linux.
Man-Machine universality. The operator can use the service in manual mode. However, the service could be used in the composition of automatic measurement systems.
Broad opportunities of application. Designed service can be used either in the common measuring devices or in the remote fiber testing systems.
Compatibility. Service can be used to work with a wide variety of OTDRs from different manufacturers.
Technologies: TCP/IP, TL1
Programming languages: C++
Project management tools: CVS
Case study
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