Software for fiber optic test and measurement instrumentation

Universal OTDR management service
Specially for users and integrators of OTDR equipment we offer a universal service, which allows managing OTDR through a universal interface locally or remotely. Because of such features as man-machine exchange protocol, cross platform compatibility and modular architecture, service can be used with various OTDR equipment both by operator in manual mode and as a part of automatic control and measurement systems of different sizes.
Features and benefits:
Platform independent. There are service implementations for Windows, Linux Embedded Linux. Also, it is possible to port service to other operating systems.
Man-Machine universality. The operator can use the service in manual mode. However, the service could be used in the composition of automatic measurement systems.
Broad opportunities of application. Designed service can be used either in the common measuring devices or in the remote fiber testing systems.
Compatibility. Service can be used to work with a wide variety of OTDRs from different manufacturers.
Case study
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