Software for fiber optic test and measurement instrumentation

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Fiber optic software development
Examples of our developments for organizations whose priority concerns different levels and stages of fiber optic transmission systems life cycle - see below:
- manufacturers of fiber optic test and measurement instrumentation,
- manufacturers of protocol analyzers,
- manufacturers of telecommunication equipment
software for equipment level: embedded operating system, support of peripheral devices, software applications for the device and/or remote control from desktop PC,
algorithms and data processing at the level of applications and firmware (DSP).
- organizations engaged in maintaining of fiber optic communication lines,
- organizations engaged in installing of fiber optic communication lines
algorithms and software tools for automation (read speeding-up) the processes of fiber parameters deviation detection.
- owners of fiber optic networks that provide for lease their lines
documentating and accounting of network components. Optimizing the use of network resources.
- organizations, renting and using the communication lines
monitoring the integrity of communication lines and parameters affecting the transmission system. Ensuring the safety of transmitted data (physical layer, logical (cryptography)).
- systems integrators
software for the integration of equipment and related systems of different manufacturers,
software and hardware localization for local standards.
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