Software for fiber optic test and measurement instrumentation

LabVIEW drivers (virtual instruments) development
LabVIEW is an integrated development environment for creating interactive programs for data acquisition, processing and data management. LabVIEW is becoming increasingly popular among engineers and developers. Today there are over 600 LabVIEW drivers for equipment developed by more than 50 world producers. Thus LabVIEW eliminates the need of low-level equipment programming. For many engineers LabVIEW is the main software product and interface used in working with test and measurement instrumentation.
If you are a manufacturer of fiber optic test and measurement equipment, but your delivery package still doesn't contain a LabVIEW driver, you are risking losing some of your customers to your competition. Our company can help you make sure that this doesn't happen by developing a LabVIEW driver specifically (and exclusively) for your instrumentation.
If you are an engineer working with a 3rd party test and measurement equipment and would like to process your measured data in LabVIEW environment, contact us to discuss how we can develop a LabVIEW driver for your equipment.
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