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Windows CE software development
Windows Embedded CE (CE) is an operating system and development platform designed for small footprint devices. Key advantages of this operating system are:
Modularity – choosing only the components you need helps shorten the overall development time and helps you optimize operating system size;
Familiarity – support of a large Windows API family, a well-known to all application software developers;
High performance – there is broad support for the periphery and central processors and there are powerful development and emulation tools in the system.
Integrated reliability - component operating system designed for the demanding conditions of real time; reliability and manageability of the entire system; broad support for wireless connections for the safe operation of the network.
Optixsoft offers a full range of services for projects associated with Windows CE:
Adapting Windows CE to the new platforms based on embedded processors
Windows CE BSP development
Device driver development for Windows CE
Software applications adapting to Windows CE platform
Custom software development for Windows CE
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